Create An Affiliate Website

How To Build An Affiliate Website

Affiliate marketing, is a wonderful way to make an online business.  All you have to do is choose a subject, hopefully one you are interested in, write about it and making money online.

If you are wondering why you should get into affiliate marketing.
  1. Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest and fastest ways to make a passive income each and every month.
  2. A;ll you need is an internet connection where ever you choose to be.
  3. Affiliates marketing make you money simply from  commissions on the sales of other peoples  products or service. with no financial outlay.
  4. You don’t have to be an expert, beginners are also winners.
  5. Affiliate marketing has a great future.

I will show you today in very simple steps, how to create an affiliate website in just minuets, with no technical skills or coding experience. So Lets Get Started.

How To Start An Affiliate Marketing Website:

The Simple 3 Steps:

  1. Get Your Own Domain Name And Hosting
  2. Install WordPress
  3. Start Making It Your Own

Step #1)  Getting Your Own Domain And Hosting Account:

Click here: Bluehost This will bring you to the latest discounts join up page. I have used them for years with out complaint. just follow the easy steps provided there.


You will find their prices very competitive.

Once you you have signed up to the plan of your choice. and may  I add here, I would suggest you take the cheapest for now. you can always upgrade later.

Now you need to pick a domain name that best suits your website.


Check below to see if the domain you would like is available. just type it in to the search box below.


Congratulations; you are all done with Step 1.

Now Setting Up WordPress

WordPress in my opinion is the best way to set up your website/blog. It offers so many plugins from shopping carts to social media links, to many to mention here now.

Go to YouTube now and you will find many step by step guides on how to install your WordPress.


Now Start Building Your New Website:

Choose from hundreds of Templates on my Templates Page


 Profitable Affiliate

Take a look around my site and you find other affiliate tips to start earning.