Our story


From the beginning of his career, Turnkey President, Brian Killian, spent his life on the road managing mobile marketing tours. From this vantage point, he recognized a challenge and saw an opportunity. Companies with great ideas were spending big budgets on event marketing but there was no easy way to execute efficiently, keeping compliance and brand initiatives in mind.

In 2015, Killian created Turnkey DOT as a turnkey solution for event execution, harnessing his deep experience in marketing, logistics and life on the road. With the acquisition of key team members, the company has benefited from rapid growth and what started as a trucking company has evolved into a full service event management and solutions partner – now just call us Turnkey. 

Our mission is to provide turnkey event solutions for your event and transportation needs. 

our team


Brian Killian


Brian Moore

VP, Marketing & Business Development

Paul Barash

VP, Operations & Account Services

Lauren Davis

Account Supervisor

Emilie Bachelart

Account Manager

Jack Kavanagh

Account Manager

Meghan Krick

Project Coordinator

LaMonte Pennington

Project Manager

Lamar Fite

Tour Manager

Ashley Fite

Tour Manager

Doug Raidt

Tour Manager

Danny Heanue

Tour Manager

Marty Gill

Tour Manager

Julie Luu

Tour Manager

Dave Morris

Tour Manager

Marco Mancera

Tour Manager
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