HydraFacial World Tour 2.0


Following a successful partnership on the 2019 World Tour and the 2020 HydraFacial Keravive Tour, HydraFacial continued to partner with Turnkey to create, build, launch and manage the 2021 #GLOWvolution Tour – a coast-to-coast US tour welcoming new faces to The HydraFacial Nation. Over the course of (4) months, the #GLOWvolution tour offered complimentary HydraFacial treatments to consumers via a 53’ double-wide expandable trailer which featured 13 treatment chairs inside. The trailer anchored the footprint that also included an on-site store, social photo moment, hand treatments and an outdoor lounge.

Turnkey managed the tour soup to nuts, from vehicle and footprint build to all touring responsibilities including venue procurement and negotiation, permitting, tour staff, local event staff, setup/strike, logistical routing and execution in all 10 markets.

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