PROST! The team meistered the moment once we took the wheel of the ICE Wagons.

For program, Turnkey staffed two teams to hit each coast with the campaign goal of distributing Jägermeister’s newest technology, Ice Cold tap display systems. A successful two months in 2023 led to distributing 331 displays. The Jägermeister team decided to extend this initiative into 2024… but with an upgrade. Our team sourced, wrapped, and are currently operating a fleet of five vehicles that are traveling throughout five markets! 

A list of 6,000 priority accounts were shared by Jägermeister. Turnkey’s operation team created a roadmap to work with local distributors and our on the road sales members to prioritize accounts that have potential for Jägermeister growth. With an average of 10 stops per day, Turnkey tour mangers provide daily recaps on their wins and challenges for each lead in every market. 

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