Turnkey partnered with A-List Communications for Misfits Market’s #MMSUMMERTOUR, which traveled to 16 beach towns over 2.5 months. Starting in Texas and ending in Chicago, the #MMSUMMERTOUR educated consumers about Misfits Market’s grocery services, eliminating food waste, and Feeding America, a charity for which they collected donations at each stop.

The team hit up the beaches in a custom branded, electric GEM car and engaged beach goers offering them a chance to cool off with GoodPop’s frozen popsicles as well as upcycled Stroopwafles, Misfit Market branded frisbees and promotional codes for new subscribers.

Between markets, the GEM car offered exposure as it traveled via flatbed trailer. Turnkey handled all aspects of the tour from securing the GEM car, sourcing locations and permits and all tour staff. The electric vehicle served as a strong solution for a brand looking to capitalize on operating a mobile tour while keeping sustainability as a core value.

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