We partnered with Ansira, Inc. to assist in highlighting Subaru’s customized tractor trailer at 6 Subaru festivals nationwide. The two-story 45’ expandable trailer gave consumers plenty of options to immerse themselves and enjoy their time while in the footprint. On the lower level, we connected three racing simulators using different programs for attendees to put themselves behind the wheel and get a real-world driving experience. It also included a digital mosaic station supported by 4 tablet kiosks, where visitors can design their own type of vehicle to print onsite as a sticker. Lastly, the roof deck area hosted a DJ both, an interview area, as well as a premium item distribution to patrons below.

On top of staffing the two team members for the program, Turnkey also provided Ansira the tractor semi to pull the fabricated expandable display trailer, and a 26’ box truck which held the extra assets for the footprint. In addition to managing the transport, we also handled the setup/breakdown and routing logistics for when the vehicles were going to each event.

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