Viceland Bus


A great example of a client relationship that started with Turnkey providing a driver to transport the Viceland Bus and evolved into Turnkey taking over ownership of the bus and operating it from 2016 to 2020 producing 60-100 events annually.

The Viceland Bus generated well over 100,000 miles as it toured the country targeting metropolitan areas and stopping at the hippest venues and festivals to engage target consumers. Used by the sales team to entertain clients and showcase media offerings, by the production team to create content, or by the marketing team activating at large-scale multi-day events including SXSW, Comic Con, Art Basel, LA Pride, the Iowa State Fair and dozens more.

The vehicle served as a mobile billboard generating exposure and as the anchor to these larger activations where the Turnkey team was tasked with building out the consumer experience around the bus, sourcing locations, permitting, staffing and activating, not to mention re-wrapping the bus for each of these engagements!

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