Whole Foods


Whole Foods Market contracted Turnkey to fabricate, operate, and activate the Whole Foods POD on a 14 stop, nationwide, sampling tour. A Turnkey Tour Manager set up the POD in 13 Whole Foods Market parking lots in key regions around the US – with the 14th event being in Madison Square Park in NYC! With the help of 2 locally sourced Brand Ambassadors, the Tour Manager and Regional Whole Foods team encouraged shoppers to “FUEL YOUR OUTDOOR ADVENTURE” by giving out samples of some of our favorite healthy brands – KRAVE, RHYTHM, and Liquid IV, to name a few – packed up nicely in a reusable silicone Stasher bag. A curated playlist set the mood for shoppers to move about the space and even take in a few guest appearances along the way.

Partnering with a local fabrication shop, we brought this asset back to life. Check out the custom wrap job on both the POD and tow vehicle! With the exception of identifying event locations, Turnkey managed this tour across-the-board, from vehicle and footprint build to all touring responsibilities including tour staff, local event staff, setup/strike, routing, logistics, and execution in all 14 markets.

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